Fast forwarding automatically

My new HD TV media player automatically fast forwards a movie in Mp4.I checked twice & it gets fast forwarded at that point only.I tried to press play button but non of them were working.I checked same movie on PC its working perfectly well.

I am not able to enjoy good movie on my WD HD media player.Any solution please.

Can you confirm that you have a WDTV Live and not a WDTV HD which is a different device.

i have WDTV HD & not  a WDTV Live

abhay wrote:

i have WDTV HD & not  a WDTV Live

This board is for WDTV Live users only and even though they may share similar problems you may get advice which does not apply to your device.

You should post here:

No doubt a mod will transfer your post.


Thanks Buddy!!!