Fast forward, rewind, and skip to time issue

I noticed when trying to fast forward, rewind, or skip to a certain time with videos that it doesn’t operate properly in our videos. If I were to want to skip to maybe 3 minutes into the video and enter 3 min, instead of it going to the 3 min mark it would goto the 12 min mark. It seems to do every minute by 4 minute. And fast forwarding and rewinding seems to go all over instead of playing where I hit play.

Currently I have the videos as m2t file format. This is what we use for editing our HD home videos.

I think this may have started with the new firmware update but because we just got everything up and going, I do not remember what it was doing before the firmware update.

I’ve got the same issue as you do.  It’s annoying as **bleep**.

This can happen on videos that don’t have enough time references encoded in the stream.

Ahh ok, once I get my new system in this week, I’ll try adding these into my hove videos. At what frequency will I need them at?