Fast Forward, Play, Video jumps back minutes

I have run into a quirk that many of you may be familiar with. When I fast forward a video and then hit play, it goes back 2~3 minutes instead of playing what was on screen. If I can understand why this happens, I maybe able to adjust some settings when working with video. The file types I have seen this with are .mp4 and .m2ts. The audio was out of synch on the mp4 but the m2ts was OK. If I converted these file types to other formats would it work OK? I am used to the ease of a DirectTV DVR where you push play and it plays what’s on screen.

I would also like to know how to get the Blu-Ray subtitles (PGS) to work on the WD TV Live.

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I found that rewinding MP4 videos is pretty difficult, too. Once I press the << button, the video seems to keep playing for a second or two, then rewinds. While the clock runs backward, the image only occasionally changes.

i think if you fast forward with a fast setting like 4x or 8x it will jump back to offset your reaction which i think is fine.

i don;t know anout a minute but 30s would be fine.

it works the same way on my Tivo and Directv box, you get really good at it after a while

i have the same problem here!

has anyone figured this out yet? im getting it bad on .vob files… if i ff or rw at ANY speed it jumps like ten minutes…

Thanks for that, the slow fforward and rewind was most annoying.

A hints and tips post would be good :slight_smile:

/me goes to look for one

I have similar kind of problem. But the effect is different. When I do fast foarwrd and click play, the audio and vidoe synchronisation is gone.

Any one has seen this problem?


I suffer from this issue too. Its a real pain. I watch MPEG.TS  video files. And for some of those videos I have to skip forward through them. Its a nightmare, (it definitely isn’t an inbuilt feature to compensate for the user’s reaction time).

I could live with it if I knew that each time I fast forwarded, it would stop X number of minutes short of  where i wanted to be. But it’s completely random. It could stop perfectly where I wanted to stop one time, and the next, it could be 1 or 2 or 3 mins behind where I want it to stop. And whats more infuriating, after it stops short of where I want to be, if I then try fast forward ‘slowly’ to move it on to where i want it to be it just jumps back again, and I end up going nowhere.

It is infuriating. This needs to be fixed big time.

For the record I have the latest firmware 1.01.17 (and it was the same for 1.01.00)

UPDATE: I have tried an .mp4 (made by Handbrake using the iPhone preset) and it does not suffer from the same fast forward/rewind issue.

This is happening with my .mkv files, but no sync issues whatsoever.

I simply thought it was jumping to some reference frame or smth like that. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

The first couple of times after the last firmware update, this problem seemed fixed.  It stoped exacltly where I hit the play button.  But then the problem came back.   I was so hoping it had been fixed.   It makes FF and rewind almost unusable.