Fast Forward and Rewind not working properly

I’m so frustrated.  If I press FF or REW while I"m playing an MP4 file, the show jumps to some place not expected.  It’s very very difficult therefore, to use FF/REW.  Ex: Say I forward.  I press play…and the show if far ahead of where I pressed play.  Ditto REW…if I rewind, it rewinds 3 minutes back from where it should.  Basically, I can’t use forward or rewind.

Tech support told me it’s an issue with some codecs…but couldnt’ tell me what to do (exact settings for Mac/Ripper or Handbrake…or whatever…It plays fine, but FF/REW are useless…is there something I can do???


Have you updated your firmware recently? That kind of stuff used to happen on mine but it stopped happening after an update some time ago.