Fast fastforward/skip - an easy way

Is there an easy way to go 5min or 10min forward or backward?  Like click one button and it jumps 5 minutes ahead.

Yes… Press the FF button… and then use the Next  Track / Chapter button…

what exactly will this do?  how many minutes forward will it jump, and is there a way to configure the number of minutes?

Please read the user manual

The media center supports the following scan speeds:
2x, 4x, 8x, 16x

The next button Fast Forwards to skip forward 10 minutes.

You can also jump to a specified time…  But only Some videos allow you to advance to a specific time. Select Skip to Desired  Time, then click OK.

Hope this helps.

There should be an “advance 30 seconds” butonn like the PVR’s have.