'[FAQ] Twonky DLNA Media Server Setup & Use

[edit: a word of caution is needed here, as I note that people are reading this FAQ as ‘gospel’: it certainly isn’t; it’s just a collection of my findings, and I may be wrong (as I made clear in my original post). I find that putting my media into Twonky’s ‘Shared Media’ folders causes me trouble. BUT, given that there must be tens or hundreds of thousands of MyCloud users, and we’re not seeing them all here, cursing Twonky, I suspect that most people have no problem following WD’s advice to use these folders. I’m sure my advice will not cause you problems, but, equally, WD’s advice may not cause you problems. It’s just one thing to try if you do have trouble.  If you have no trouble with the ‘Shared Media’ folders, or if you do, please share your experience, and we might be able to get to the bottom of the problem.]

[The purpose of the ‘Shared Media’ folders has finally dawned on me.  They’re not meant to be folders that Twonky creates for you to put your media in; they’re folders Twonky creates to store media it has copied from other media libraries it finds on the network, as part of its ‘aggregation’ function.]

[Of course, since Twonky starts up by default when you first turn on your MyCloud, it has already created these folders by the time you first see the Public share folder, and, with no explanation to the contrary, it seems that is where you’re supposed to put your media*.  YOU ARE NOT…  Don’t put anything in the ‘Shared Media’ folders; leave them for Twonky to use.]

I’ve added an FAQ on how to move these aggregation folders somewhere more tidy.

* Oh, and the reason why it seems that you should put your media in the ‘Shared Media’ folders?

Because those are the names that Windows uses for its public access ‘All Users\Documents’ media folders…  And the User Manual repeatedly says this is where you should store your media.  All I know is that if I do put my media in the ‘Shared Media’ folders, Twonky doesn’t behave properly.



Thank you for taking the time to post this.


I tried to get to the bottom of two Twonky mysteries; the 'magic numbers in the twonkyserver.ini file, and the ‘[Error] - LOG_SYSTEM: Error: 2 No such file or directory’ report in the log file.

Here’s the log of my investigation process, starting from a Twonky system that seems to be working, but reports the Error 2.

# turn off media streaming via Dashboard
# SSH in
# take a backup of the current configuration file
cd /CacheVolume
cp twonkymedia/twonkyserver.ini /shares/Public/twonkyserver.bak

# hide the existing Twonky working area
mv twonkymedia twonkymedia_bak

# restart media streaming via Dashboard
# take a copy of the 'clean' configuration file
cp twonkymedia/twonkyserver.ini /shares/Public/twonkyserver.clean

# compare the userid and twonkyinfo magic numbers in the configuration file
#	they're identical

# check the log file twonkymedia-log.txt
#	media shares are as per /etc/contentdir
#	but aggregation folders are back to 'Shared Media'
#	and, of course, friendlyname, ignore directories, compilation folders & rescan interval are now default
#	no Error 2

# so, what causes Error 2?

# Using Twonky UI
#	change friendly name & restart server
# no Error 2
#	change rescan interval to 1440 & restart server
# no Error 2
#	change compilation folder
# no Error 2
#	change ignore directories
# Using SSH
#	edit twonkyserver.ini to change aggregation folders to 'Shared/Media' & restart server (Twonky UI)
# no Error 2
#	edit twonkyserver.ini to set ignore_embedded_thumbnails=1 & restart server (Twonky UI)
# no Error 2

# take a copy of the modified 'clean' configuration file
cp twonkyserver.ini /shares/Public/twonkyserver.clean2

# use WinDiff to compare twonkyserver.bak and new twonkyserver.clean2
#	only differences are:
# logging verbosity setting v=4095 vs v=0
# ignore directory list (order only; I'd changed it)

So, I’m no nearer to understanding what the magic numbers are, or what changes them, and no nearer understanding what causes the ‘Error 2’ message.  I just don’t get that message any more.

Which has to be good, right…?

Oh, and, with the new configuration, twonky found the same number of media files, and took the same time to do it…

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Famous last words: the Error 2 is back. Maybe I just didn’t see it in the twonkymedia-log.txt file because I hadn’t enabled logging in the Twonky UI.

Oh well, Twonky is still working, despite the ‘Error 2’

I’m not alone, and neither is the MyCloud. Seems many people get this error:


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I had a funny last night; my router lost internet connection for some reason, and I had to restart it.  Coincidentally, the loss of connection occurred whilst trying to edit a post on this forum…  Hmmmm…

Now, when a router loses connection, the MyCloud does a reset.  I’m not really sure why it feels it needs to do this, but it does.  Twonky appeared to come back up correctly; all the media counts were correct, and it took about the right time to do the scan.

But, browsing the Twonky library this evening, having updated the BubbleUPnP DLNA/UPnP client, I noticed that the Twonky media server had lost the first level of hierarchy; no Music/Pictures/Video folders appeared, just the music metadata views. Thinking it might be a Bubble funny, I checked on another tablet that I hadn’t updated, and that showed the same, as did Kinsky.  So the media type view had indeed vanished.

I used the Twonky UI to perform a Server Restart, and everything is now back to normal.  The restart and media scan took less than 15 minutes for 65k music tracks & 5500 pictures.  Good that the fix was simple, but bad that the thing didn’t startup correctly in the first place, and bad that MyCloud restarts whenever it loses connection to the router, for any reason.

Famous last words…

This morning, the video and photo folders have disappeared again.



Think I’ve figured it out; it’s not an indexing problem, it’s to do with the media receiver type I set to enable high resolution artwork.  Setting it to be a Naim streamer seems to tell Twonky to only present audio, which is pretty fair if the media renderer can only handle audio.  Setting it to a generic media receiver presents all three types of media. i.e. I’d set the wrong Receiver Type profile, so it didn’t show me photos or videos.

If you think the integration of Twonky in MyCloud should be improved, vote for this idea:



So, 5000+ views later, and no-one has any comments or observations?

I’m sure there must be errors or misunderstandings in what I’ve said…

Hi, I got a question, does this work on different drives? I do not have a My Cloud, but I have an EX 2 and I would like to try some of this, but I’m not sure that the folder architecture are the same on both drive (while viewing through SSH).

Sorry, I don’t have an EX2, so I don’t even know if it has Twonky…

My limited understanding is that the EX family is an entirely separate family.

It appears that the EX2 does have Twonky, and these instructions may be applicable:

Is there a way to add “media types” to the preconfigured ones (music, pictures, videos)? I’d like to separate tv recordings from private videos and change the configuration of the twonky media server who aggregats them in one category.

No, I don’t think you can add categories to those that are predefined (music, pictures & videos).

So I would suggest using metadata tags or folder structure to split your video library. Twonky provides the following metadata views for its video library:


All videos (alphabetically grouped)

By date

By folder



The Album and By Folder views look most useful for you.

[edit: I have found a method, and added a new FAQ on this problem.]

Great work! Very helpful guide. I wish i had read it before I started using Twonky so i could have avoided learning much of it via trial and error. 

I have a MyBookLiveDuo onto which I installed Twonky. I’ve been updating it to the latest version now for a few years. 8.02 is fantastic. 

Wow man, thats one **bleep** of a post. 

I prefer to do it the easy way though.  You have 2 mac addresses for the WD MyCloud.  1 under the device itself and another for the other devices where the twonky server sits as an unknown device on windows 8.1.  Block the unknown device mac through the modem/router and when you double click on your WDMyCloud via windows explorer to access network shares, it will log you into the twonky GUI with a nice user friendly interface.

The ‘nice, friendly GUI interface’ can be accessed via port 9000 of your MyCloud’s IP, and yes, I discuss that, and assume that will be used for many settings. But that friendly GUI won’t let you control Twonky to do many of the thing I discuss, or stop the MyCloud breaking the setup…

Hope you find the FAQ useful.

Hi cpt_paranoi

Many thanks for going to the trouble of posting this, it very informative, well presented, and a massive help for new guys like me.

I have just purchased a WD EX2 NAS, and following initial setup a couple of weeks ago, it suddenly lost its Twonky setting, ie I couldnt access using port :9000, meaning I couldnt access my films on my smart TV etc.

I am pretty new to the world of Twonky and this was exactly what I was looking for - I now have a fully functional twonky service - if I’m allowed to say that - many thanks :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

great thread - lots of information.

1 thing I could not solve by now. My twonky is showing all music album covers under Photos - this makes no sense for me. I want my personal pictures under Photos - nothing else.

Is there a way to exclude certain folders from the scan for Photos?

The same problem could come up when I copy Audiobooks on the WD MyCloud - they should not be displayed under Music.

I created shares for




maybe I will ad AudiobookLib later.

Thank you.


When you use the Twonky UI to tell it where to look for media (in the ‘Sharing’ page), use the ‘media type’ selector to tell it what types of media to look for in each share.

See Q . Where should I put my media so Twonky finds it?

Then you will need to make the changes to stop MyCloud breaking your Twonky settings each time it reboots.

In addition to what cpt_paranoia posted one can specify certain folders for Twonky to ignore when it performs a content scan. See Advanced -> Ignore Directories. One may have to use SSH to get the proper folder/substring name. See Q. Can I stop Twonky searching in certain folders in my media storage folders? for more information

I’d like to use the twonky dlna server to stream dsd (dsf) files to my oppo player. Unfortunately, it looks like WD’s implementation of twonky doesn’t suppor these files. I know there’s a way to add file type support in some versions of twonky. Is there any way to do it for the mycloud? I know I can just login to the mycloud via smb to play these files, but I like using the dlna server for everything.