FAQ for WD TV Live Devices affected by Firmware Release 1.01.12

For those who have had WD TV Live Media Players fail from the recent 1.01.12 firmware update (12/04/09), we apologize for the aggravation you suffered over this, and we want to thank you for your patience as we work this out.

What do I do if my WD TV Live stopped functioning after the update?


  • If your device failed after the update, you will need to replace it. WD will replace all units, at our expense, that were damaged due to the firmware release, whether they failed through the auto-update, USB update, or by update from our web site.

How do I go about getting the WD TV Live replaced?


  • If it’s possible, you have the option to return it to the place of purchase for a replacement.
  • If you can’t return it to the place of purchase, you can replace it through WD. You can create an RMA online or contact us for assistance.

Who will be responsible for my shipping costs?


  • WD will pay for shipping. Once you create an RMA, you will receive an email with a link to your pre-paid UPS shipping label.  Just click on the link, print the label, and tape it to the shipping container; and please follow the rest of WD’s RMA procedures.
  • For customers outside the US, you can still create an RMA online, but you will need to contact WD’s Customer Service and Support for your region to get your shipping label.

If I already paid for a label, can I get reimbursed?   


  • If your RMA was created after December 3rd, 2009 for a WD Live Media Player that failed due to the firmware 1.01.12 update, please contact us for reimbursement. Please make sure to have your RMA number available. If your RMA was created before December 3rd, 2009, it will be not eligible for reimbursement.

Will I get a new or refurbished replacement?

  • The replacement will be a new unit.

When can I expect to receive my replacement after creating an RMA?

Are you going to have a new firmware release soon?

  • Once a new firmware release is available, we will announce it on the community.
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Bill - That is a nice response to this incident.  I was eagerly waiting to see how WD was going to respond, and they are doing the right thing.

With the issues related to 1.01.12 roll out, I hope you will recommend WD to simply skip v1.01.13 and go straight to 1.01.14 - not that I’m superstitious or anything.  :smiley:

Haha…  I’ll see what I can do…

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I am from Saudi Arabia. I bought a WD TV Live from Amazon.I can not make RMA ( OUT OF REGION)

I posted  Technical support requist in but they did not answer me since 12/7/2009.

I thought this problem for me only but It seem 90% of the owner how did the update have the same problem.

Pleas advice me what to do ?



Why no one answered me till now ?

I tried to use this and the support questions and no one reply to me.

Now is more than one week and no sloution for me ?


Since the WD Community is built on Users helping Users, it’s really not a good place for looking for help with RMA’s (product replacements).  If you have questions concerning RMA’s, you should contact WD directly for help.   I’m positive they will do everything they can to help you.

However, I did pass your post along to the appropriate people.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

At last the right response and a good one to. Now WD get on it and fix the problems with the current firmware.


At this time WD cannot support Saudi Arabia directly because of US embargos.  WD services cusotmer via Distributors in your region.  Because you purchased your WDTV on Amazon, and it is showing as out of region, we can correct the region code to allow for replacement in your region from a distributor or you can return your device to Amazon if you are within there return time policy.  If you are not within there return policy, you can contact support with “Region Code Change for RMA” in the subject line and includ the Serial numer of the unit and we can update your region code.

Here is the link for contacting support.

To Contact WD for Technical Support