Fanless NAS and 7200 RPM hard drives -- OK?

I have had a WD My Cloud NAS with 4TB (2 x 2TB drives) on a RAID 1 configuration for years and it’s worked wonderfully. All I need this for is really to store my collection of movies, music, etc. and to be able to read it from my different local network devices, like Kodi on my Fire TV devices, etc.

The disks are now full, so I decided to buy another NAS with more storage. After minimal research and based almost solely on Amazon reviews, I bought a Synology DiskStation DS216se diskless NAS and two Toshiba X300 7200 RPM 6TB hard drives. I was able to install this all in a heartbeat and I do like the Synology interface and features a lot, but I am not after the bells and whistles. My only dislike is that the NAS sits next to my desktop and it has a fan (something I didn’t look into before buying). I haven’t had other NAS with fans before, so I am not sure whether this is considered loud or not, but I am not liking the constant hum next to me as I work.

I am now considering returning the Synology and replacing it with a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra for about the same price. Like my My Cloud, it’s fanless. My only concern is that these Toshiba hard drives are 7200 RPM instead of the WD Red drives you get with the My Clouds when you buy them from WD (those are 5400 RPM) and I am not sure having faster drives that weren’t really made for a NAS in a fanless NAS is a good idea.


Oh cr@p, so the EX2 Ultra is not fanless! :smile: I read somewhere that it was and believed it because my My Cloud is fanless. I wonder whether it will be louder or quieter than the Synology DiskStation I got. I’m not sure I’m going to find that online (too specific), so I may have to purchase both and test it myself.

Is there no other place u can put it ? I have a EX2 Ultra 10 TB in my office about 10 feet away from me, I can only hear it if I’m hitting it really hard.