Fan Replacement on my DL4100

I got an email about an hour ago saying that my DL4100 NAS drive was shutting down due to fan failure. After verifying that the fan was indeed failing I searched for and found the exact Sunon MagLev fan with the identical part number as the original fan. I’m buying it from this distributor in Texas. The item was in stock and was about $20 including 2 day expedited shipping. Hopefully this is as easy as it seems and the part that’s shipped will be exactly what I need. I hope this helps the next person searching for a replacement fan.

Please refer to the given article link: My Cloud: Fan Not Working or Failure Alert Message

@Jonty.S, willl all due respect, if the cooling fan takes about 10 minutes to rreplace. I timed mysef removing the fin in my DL4100 and reinstallling the same fan and after looking at the KB article the other question is . . .

What does one do when contacting WD about this issue when the unit is out of warranty?

@2MVisuals, Please let me know how you get on.