Fan Noise Level

While I love the DX4000 I find the fan noise too loud. In my workspace I have 2 workstations, LaserJet, Inkjet and peripherals etc., and the room is very quiet.

At night when the DX4000 is powered down I find the other items fan noise is very low. But the DX4000 seems to be on full speed all the time even at very low use on the network.

Is the fan speed adjustable? In these days of 120mm plus fans that really work to whisper, this unit is a screamer by comparison.

Is an quiet fan replacement an option?



A friend of mine has a WD Sentinel, I do not find that the fan is noisy.  I am not sure if replacing the fan voids the warranty. If you beleive that the fan is noisier than normal you may contact WD Support for assistance.

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The book says that the dx4000 “prefers” to remain on at all times.  Since there is 3yr wty, that is what I do…leave it on.  I had to spend days figuring out the smart UPS connection proceedure, but I think that is resolved as well (see my post on the UPS message tree).