FAN is "N/A" under diagnostics

My MyCloud Mirror stopped being available sometime last night and I rebooted it.  It is back up and seems to be running OK, but the DIagnostics no longer shows a green arrow.  Instead, it shows “Caution” and, when I click to see details, it shows everything OK except the FAN.  I looked at the section under Diagnostics in the user manual and it’s useless.

Is this a significant issue, ie has the fan quit and will the unit overheat as a result?

The unit is only a week old.

Thanks for any info.

AN update to this:

I manually updated the firmware from 1.05.25 to 1.05.30.  When it came back up, all diagnostics are now OK.  Hopefully, the inability to display the fam speed was just a fluke and won’t keep happening.