Fan Failure / How do I get data?

I believe the fan has failed on the MyCloud Mirror (Fan Speed = 0 RPM). As a consequence, the system overheats and shuts down. This presents a challenge to get my data off of the device.

  1. If I try to turn it on a copy over a Windows network, it takes a really long time. The system overheats.
  2. If I attach a USB drive, similarly it overheats before backing everything up.
  3. If I remove the HD’s and put them into an external HD reader and look at them, I can’t see my data. However, if I boot up the MyCloud Mirror for a short period of time, I can see the data, so I know it is there, but I cannot easily copy it.
  4. I tried to get rsync to work and failed. Though rsync works fine on other NAS’s I own, it does not seem to work here (I configured, started the daemon but it won’t copy).
  • What do I do to efficiently get my data?
  • What do I do with the MyCloud Mirror? Can it (should it) be repaired?

I have posted about this in the past. The fan on my MCM has never worked since it was new except for when I run a system test which then spins the fan up AND creates a new share (figure that one out).

The MCM is now disconnected and unused but when I was using it, I had a large floor standing fan running close to it which kept the temp down to between 25-30 degrees.

In one of my old posts, someone tried to tell me that the drive didn’t contain a fan :grin:

See one of my old posts here.

p.s. looking again at your post, it doesn’t appear to be a My Cloud Mirror, is it?

The device is a My Cloud Mirror. I sympathize with your old post; my situation is a bit of a mystery. The full story here is:

  1. MCM worked great for years
  2. Started to see I could not connect
  3. Cycled power, but could only connect for a short period of time
  4. Opened up MCM, removed drives to check on an external USB drive. Drives were super hot.
  5. Data could not be detected on USB -> Linux. Got worried!
  6. Put (x1) drive back into MCM. Rebooted. Saw fan RPM = 0. Saw temperature start low and increase. Data was still on the drives. Watched the temperature climb.
  7. Tried rsync to get the data. Failed at that attempt.
  8. Connected a USB to the MCM and copied over data, (x1) shared folder at a time. Took quite a while b/c I shut off the MCM after each folder I copied to let it cool down.

In the end, I assumed the fan failed. I have no proof and did not look for a fan. The diagnosis that it was overheating was consistent with a fan failure, but I haven’t looked for a physical fan yet.

So, I’m not sure if I should

  • junk the My Cloud Mirror
  • look for a fan to replace
  • rig up another fan
  • look for another reason for the failure

Diagnosing a failure, if it is not a dead fan, is likely not worth the time. Advice?

P.S. I search for fan in the WD Community and could not find your post. Sorry if this brings up an old wound.