Fan control software? (My Book Premium Edition II)

I’ve had this drive for a while now.  It’s pretty solid, I’ve never had an issue with the actual hardware (although the software gave me problems when I initially bought it, and it has since been updated).

My issue is that I recently moved the device closer to my work area at home, and I suddenly realized how LOUD this fan is.  Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if the fan was this loud under the max temp the drive was designed to bear, but it seems that the fan only has 2 settings: on and off.  My laptop for example will have the fan on low while its cool, and gradually ramp it up as needed.

Is this drive supposed to behave this way? If so, are there any 3rd party tools or software that would allow me to manually control the fan?


Indeed, you are correct this is the drive normal behavior.