Fan constantly on, ufraw-batch process eating up CPU

I just started using the My Cloud EX2 Ultra, and I use it mainly by using SyncToy to copy files from my computer onto my NAS. my files consists almost entirely of RAW photo files. After the files were copied onto the NAS, I noticed that the fans were constantly on, spinning at 10,000 RPM. When I open up the Process under Network Activity, I find that there is a process ufraw-batch that is taking about 50% CPU usage. This has been going on for around 2 days nonstop. What is going on? The fan noise is annoying me.

If it matters I have two 8TB WD Red drives in there, set up in RAID 1, and I have about 1TB of RAW photos.

Eff this, I’m returning the EX2 and got the QNAP TS-451 instead


I recommend you contact WD support about this.

That was the first thing I did when I noticed it. I was on the phone with customer support for about an hour, and the rep was unable to help with the issue. Thank you for your suggestion, but I am going with a different route for my NAS

Probably NAS created a previews of the photo files. I had the same thing. It took a few hours (I do not know how accurate), but the number of my pictures was significantly smaller (about 100 gb)

yes 1tb of photos is huge. It will take hours to index such a collection.

I am just 25% of yours. But its should be fine. QNAP is good . Which model have you selected.