Fan Always Running

Hello. Recently I purchased an EX2 Ultra 12TB NAS. My photo and video files that I have uploaded to the drive totals about 3.5TB. My EX2 is on my table in a room that I work from, and the room is not a warm room. Nothing is around it except the wood table it sits on. Both drives are 41, and 41 degrees and the fan is running at 10,300rpm’s.
My concern is that the fans are always running, and have been ever since I uploaded my files. This process was finished about 1 week ago.
Should I be concerned?
thank you,

Hi Steveben5,

Drives are mechanically designed in a way that it will get little hot while performing read write operations. However, it should be upto a limit. If you feel it is getting more hotter then we recommend you to perform drive diagnostic.

You may refer below mentioned link to perform data diagnostic: