Family folder suddenly missing

I’m the owner of a WD My Cloud Home device. I have full access to the family folder in the File explorer on the computer. I have shared access with my family members. Until recently they all had access to the Family folder in Windows File Explorer, but suddenly it disappeared. Now they only have access through the online login (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer).

Anyone experiencing the same thing?
Is Windows 10 to blame? I doubt it, since it works on my computer, but not the other ones.

Look through recent topics. People have being complaining about this since 2 months ago. It was an update, the only way to access the family folder now its through the website. The owner of the device can access to it through file explorer tho, thats why it works on your computer. WD claims they will revert the update in a recent future but no one knows when.

Ok. Thanks. Hopefully wd fixes it quickly.