Family folder not programmed/missing from administrator

We recently bought another My Cloud Home. On the old one, the family folder was already programmet/it was visible the first time we logged on (for both users). And then the freaking debacle of the family folder happened, but that’s antoher kettle of fish. Anyway, on our new My Cloud Home, the Family Folder doesn’t exist? As in it’s not visible for our adminstrator account? What has happened here?

We only have one user on the new My Cloud Home, and it is not connected to the same e-mail as the other device. We thought the problem could have arisen because we only had one user (and thus no use for a shared folder), so we tried inviting another user, but no Family Folder appeared. The software is up to date and the device connected to the internet. Is this just a manufactoring error?

It neither appears in the web nor the desktop- version.

Hi Silje,

You can refer to the link mentioned below in order to resolve the issue.