Family folder acces

I try to access family folder from dos prompt after mapping Mycloud drive but it gives a box and ? in it which I can not type please help

Hi MpbuHMpbuH,

You can access the Family folder using the My Cloud Home Mobile, Desktop, and the Web App after signing in with your account. You can have a look at below article for more details about this.

Unfortunately, that didn’t answer the question.
The question was about accessing the folder from DOS.
I have exactly the same issue.
I have large amounts of data that are processed using DOS batch files and the Family⁣ folder
The character on the end causes problems when trying to access the folder with DOS batch scripts…
It appears to be an UNICODE character…
You can access the folder from the cmd prompt by copy/pasting the folder name it or cd F*
However, I cannot get it to work from within batch scripts.

My system setup uses 3 WD mycloud drives and I was one one of those people who recently purchased a My Cloud Home, mistakenly thinking it was the newest version. I realised too late how much functionality was missing and couldn’t send it back.
Now I’m hitting brick walls trying to get it to perform basic NAS functions.

Please can you tell me how to access this folder from with DOS batch files.