Family Calendar that sync's with my WD MyBook Live or other WD product

I love my own personal cloud with the Mybook live and it has been working great for over three years.  I like that my family can share files/folder/pictures and music without going through Google, dropbox, or any other “cloud” service that puts our information out there.  I like being able to “control” my personal information.

I would like to see a basic calendar application that can be run on the home computer or Mybook Live (or similar) and also an app for the iOs/Android that would sync.  That way if one of my kids put something in the calendar both parents and the other childern would see it the next time the system sync’ed and possibly text/email alerts sent out as well. 

I’ve been using the Open source Lightning calendar add-on with Thunderbird email and it sync’s through Google calendar to the iOs/Android.  The problem is the iOs and Google don’t play well and I have to create gmail/google acounts and spend hours trying to get them to sync (everytime a phone is replaced).  I’m not talking about a Business style application like Outlook, etc. but a Basic calendar app that reminds me that my car needs to be inspected or a birthday is coming up.

I would pay for a decent application that could do this just because I know I would control it through the WD MyBook or Cloud products.

Just an idea!


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