False Usage Above 95%

Every once in a while I would get a message that the Volume Usage is Above 95% on our MyCloudEX2Ultra 4TB. This used to happen when we’d open a damaged QuickBooks file on the network, it would create a zero-size file, and since we knew exactly what caused it, I could go in and delete it. This would send the volume size back down to the barely 500GB that we normally have on the system. I now have the same issue but cannot find out what is causing it. Any clues how to track down the reason for this alert? Thanks!

Have you looked at the dates on your files. Presumably the offending file is a recently changed/saved one?

Hey thanks, yes, part of the workflow is to locate any files that changed around the suspected time of the issue. I’ve also looked for any extremely large files, but it almost seems as if the issue is masked by an incorrect file size. By that I mean in the past, the damaged QB file was large, but not even close to filling up the drive. But once I deleted that file, everything was back to normal.

Thanks, but different issue altogether.