Faint White Vertical Lines (pinstripes) with WDTV Live Plus


Just purchased a WDTV Live Plus and noticed that there are faint white pinstripes going across the entire screen. The device is hooked up to an Insignia 1080p LCD with HDMI. I’ve changed both the HDMI cables and exchanged for another WDTV and its still there. The lines are faint and more visible on darker backgrounds, but still noticeable. These lines only appear on the WDTV and not on any other devices connected to the TV (Xbox 360, DVD player, etc).

Just wondering what could be going on and if there is a way to fix it?

Thanks for the help.



  • pls check whether in “options video”  [on screen of your tv while you are navigating on your WD HD LIVE] you have  “hdmi auto” ?

  • in your tv do you have two hdmi port ? Pls try to use the other one 




Thanks for the response. I tried the other HDMI port and the lines are still there. They are also there when i select HDMI auto as well. They are more visible at the top of the screen and fade away as they move to the bottom.

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated!

45 degree pinstripes across a TV screen are usually caused by a high powered commercial radio transmitter within a 3 kilometre radius of your place of residence. The Radio Frequency is picked up by the output devices and modulate the video signal; you are stuck with the problem.

Vertical pinstripes sometimes waving and fading across a TV screen are caused by mains interference usually a mains earth loop. The chances are that you have a mains earth loop. Connect everything onto one earthed power-board. If the pinstripe interference is still there, disconnect everything except your TV and the WDTV Live. If the pinstripe interference is still there, verify that your power outlet is earthed. If the power outlet is earthed, the culprit is that your main earth connection between the earth conductor and earth stake is corroded. You will have an appliance in the house that is creating mains earth loop interference. You can try disconnecting everthing in the house from the power outlets except the TV and the WDTV Live. If the pinstripe interference disappears, re-connect the power outlet appliances one at a time. When the interference starts, you have found the culprit. 

Use the services of a qualified electrician. DO NOT attempt to repare earth stake corrosion yourself. There will be a fatal voltage potential between the earth wire and the earth stake that have electrocuted people.

DO NOT let anyone talk you into purchasing one of the fancy power outlets with inbuilt filtering. All computers and video devices have the equivalent filters, sometimes far superior, built into the mains supply.