Failure to delete "Pending" cloud invitation users

Currently using OS5 - Firmware 5.24.108 -

Any cloud user with a “invitation” or pending access, I can not delete the invitation. I can also not delete the user associated with it to force delete.

Cloud admin user is logged in, and i can add new users, but still shows as “Sign In”

Rebooting device does not fix that. Updating Firmware does not fix.

Can not update the email that the invitation goes to.


Have you looked at this?
My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual (

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yes… i have read the manual.

  1. I can invite new members and resend invitations
  2. They can accept a invitation
  3. I can delete a cloud user AFTER the invitation has been accepted
    4. I can NOT delete a pending invitation that i no longer need. This is the error / problem im having.

The email address no longer exists, so i can’t go in and accept the invite so i can then delete it. I just need to be able to delete the pending invitation.