Failure rate

have bought different bands of portable drives in the past. need another. solid state is too expensive. trying to determine which portable is more reliable. cannot get any answers from tech support., other than “all portable drives, if dropped, will be damaged.” So I asked which are better for MTBF. Mean Time Before Failure rates. They said all of their drives are the same. Which is not correct. Any suggestions other than just buying one with a 3 year, instead of a 2 year warranty? thanks!

I’m baised … i only buy Western Digital hard drives and none have failed over the last 10+ years

Can’t say the same for Seagate drives i used to own … had 5 fail within a few years (and have never bought Seagate since.)

Joey, thanks! for your personal experience. when someone has one fail that does not say a lot, but 5 definitely does.
i decided against seagate and bought 5tb WD passport late yesterday. Cost a little more.
Would have preferred buying from costco, but they only had seagate.

Bought the passport over another WD portable, because it has a 3 year, instead of 2 year warranty.