Failure? My Passport Essential SE 1TB

I may have nearly hit the worst possible scenario for my external drive to fail… My family went to Disney World for Christmas. My wfie’s grandmother came from a different part of the country. We hadn’t seen her in nearly 10 years. We took a four generation photo. Our two children were at Disney World for a week with our entire family. All of these pictures and videos were moved to the WD Passport SE 1TB drive as my work PC could not be used for storage.

Originally, I plugged the drive into my PC and saw that it was connected. I created new folders like WDPhoto, WDVideo, etc. Over the course of a few days, I loaded tons of photos and videos to the drive. During those days I would pull up the photos and show them around. We then brought it home.

Since returning home, I cannot get the drive to show on any PC. The little light on the drive does a fast blink contantly when plugged into a PC. After a short period of time of plugging it into a PC, it will make a little click noise. Again, I never see the drive recognized by the PC. Often I think Windows 7 tries to load it up, but then locks up Windows Explorer. One of the PCs I try it with is a Lenovo Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. The other is the same but 64 bit.

  1. Ideas for me to get to my data?

  2. Ideas for me to pay someone somewhere to get to my data?


Update: I installed the drivers on my wife’s XP Lenovo machine and then plugged in the USB drive. It was recognized and the blink of the light was slower. The USB drive clicked a few times here and there. I am quite sure it was when the PC was trying to access the drive.

Also, to clarify, on all three of the PCs, I can safely eject the “My Passport 0740”. The PC does see the drive.

I have the same problem

please where did you get that drivers?

If the drive is still in warranty contact WD it maybe a power problem. They make a Y shaped Power Booster cable that might help.


After 6 weeks at Kroll Ontrack, my drive has been determined to be unrecoverable due to media corruption. Unbelievable…