Failing to create a remote backup job with EX2Ultra on 2.31.149

Hi, please consider the following scenario.

  1. Two EX2Ultra drives with initial firmware were installed, one on premises and another at off-site location.
  2. Two backup jobs were configured from on-premises drive to off-site drive via the internet.
  3. After some time passed, both drives were automatically upgraded to firmware version 2.31.149.
  4. After some time one of the backup jobs became obsolete, was deleted and I tried to create a new one. One of the old jobs was still running perfectly.
  5. When creating a new remote backup job and selecting a remote target. the text “Please wait…” appears indefinitely.
  6. I opened debug (F12) and saw this:
  1. I am not able to create a new backup job with on firmware 2.31.149, despite a clearly working job that runs for a very long time now.

Perhaps someone here can reproduce backup job creation on EX2Ultra with firmware 2.31.149 or throw an advice.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jacob,

There is a new firmware update available (v2.31.163) through manual update. You should update the firmware version of My Cloud EX2 Ultra with the latest version in this concern.

@Brandon.P, I am aware of this version. If you take a look on the announcement page, you’ll see that this issue is also discussed there. Manual upgrade to this version does not solve the backup job creation issue on many devices. For now I downgraded to 2.30.196 and everything works great.
I also opened a case [REMOVED DUE TO PRIVACY POLICY] and uploaded all logs there.

Hi Jacob,

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