Failing Drive? Need to access 2nd drive. How?

I am trying to pull data from my MyBook World Edition II (white light).  The data transfer speed is VERY SLOW!!  I am using copy mode from the NAS to a USB connected external hard drive.  The transfer speed to the directly connected USB drive folder share in only about 600kbps. 

I did not used to have this problem and I am trying to find other ways to access this data that may be faster as it will take me forever to transfer 300 GB at that rate. 

One thought I had is that if the slow transfer spped is an indicator that the drive may be failing.  If so, then would it be possible to pull the main drive and get the data from the 2nd drive (I assume that it has a redundant back-up on it).  My hope is that the 2nd drive will function at normal speed.

Is that a reasonable idea?  If so, do I just simply pull out a drive and reconnect?  Are there any other suggestions on how to get this data off the drive at a reasonable transfer speed?

Thank you.

Does the Disk Manager report any issue with your drives?

Also, depending of your drive RAID setup, you might be able to take the drive out, but be aware that this drive users EXT -3 file partition.

No, the disk manager does not report any problems.

I have my RAID set up as default (RAID 1 with mirror back-up I believe).

I don’t know which drive to remove…I am assuming Drive A?

Drive A is the main drive, B is the backup. Now, I recommend to contact tech support for more information:

To Contact WD for Technical Support

why not do it through windows? map the drive and then connect usb to pc and transfer and see what speed you get.