Failing 1Tb Passport Essential - Any type trade in or warranty upgrade available?

A few weeks ago I started to get corupted files on my 1Tb Passport WDBABM0010BBK-00.  Suspecting the possibility of failing sectors I ran a full surface scan with DLDiag wich confirmend my suspisions.  Sadly, It was unable to sucessfully repair the drive.  

Just wondering if there is any type of trade in or warranty extension available for this drive? I use it A LOT and it seems such a shame to have a 1Tb, 2.5" portable sitting here that can only serve as a paper weight.

I’ve already got my important data from it so not worried about recovery.  I have also tried different USB cables with no change in status.  

If the drive is still in warranty contact WD. You can try reformatting the drive with WD Digital Lifeguard by writing zeroes to the drive sometimes that fixes bad sectors.


The drive is out of warranty. :frowning: