Failed to send test email in alerts and notification MBLD

Basically the subject sums this one up. I am able to check for firmware updates via the webpage manager but when I send a test email it says it fails. However when I put MBLD in DMZ on my modem router I was able to send and receive the test email. Basically I think I do not have a port I should be forwarding and opening up on my firewall does anyone know which one MLBD uses for this? I do not want it in DMZ all the time.


No, you do not need to enable port-forwarding to send e-mail.

I’m assuming, because I haven’t actually tested it, that the e-mail alerts are using SMTP which is TCP port 25.

I remember reading somewhere that it uses SMTP on western digitals email servers. There is no options to configure using your own SMTP server on your own side of the firewall.

I forwarded and opened 25 but no joy. Just to double check I put MBLD in DMZ again and it sent the email. I looked at the logs on my modem and the MBLD sends packages from a hundred different ports to a couple different WD IP’s. I guess enabling them on my firewall is the only option. I am not very savy with security yet but it kind of makes me wish the DUO had a firewall of it’s own. It’s working now though.