Failed to make filesystem!

Hi all

I have just restored my WD MyBook World Edition II 2TB (white light) as I was getting hard disk issues. I put the disks into an external caddy and tried to access from my PC but neither were recognized.

I put them back in the WD and whilst I could see the data I was being told that one of the disks had degraded.  I was able to backup the data I had copied to the drives so I opted to reset to factory settings to see if that fixed the problem.

After restoring to factory settings, the status of the DataVolume is “Failed” and I get the above error when I go into the Manage Volumes page on the GUI.  The ExtendedVolume is showing a status of “Good”.

I am assuming is the drive marked A is the DataVolume?? 

I have recently purchased 2 x 2TB drives (WD green ones) and ultimately I would like to upgrade the device if possible.  I have noted a couple of posts on this forum where people have successfully managed to do this. As I have no data on these 1TB drives do I I simply put the 2 new 2TB drives in and switch on the device?

Can anyone provide me with some advice? It would need to be step-by-step as all this NAS storage stuff is a bit new to me.

IF I can successfully upgrade I would like to re-use the 1 TB drives I am removing.  Can anyone advise on how I can reformat them easily?

Thanks in advance


It’s doubtful that it will work.  The drives are built for specific drives with specific firmware. However, there are some users that were able to do so.

For us as part of the WD Community, we are not able to confirm that.

I am assuming is the drive marked A is the DataVolume??


Normally yes.



Would a reformat of the faulty 1tb data volume disk possibly resolve the issue? If so is there a utility or instructions on how I do this?

I am running windows 8 but do have a laptop With an old install of ubuntu somewhere.



Try using the drive on the Ubuntu laptop since the drive are originally formatted in a Linux file system.