Failed to install app

Hello guys,

I am going through the utelnetd example mentioned in wd website.

I am able to create package. But during its installation, i get a message as “Failed to install app”.

I don’t know why it is failing and wanted to debug the issue.

What is usual approach you guys are following to troubleshoot app related issues?

Not sure of what you are talking about!! What App, what WD device? A lot more information would be helpful.

Thanks @cat0w

I am talking about this example.

I wanted to create an app and later publish it in WD store. I was just going through this example app. However when I try to install this app from wd app store (web interface) manualy, I immediately get the error as “Failed to install app”.

Surely there must be something wrong with app, but where do I look for more informational message, so that I can debug the issue?

I find out the problem, it was that i make package in folder /src, while my Package name in apkg.rc is “MyTest”. So folder where you are going to build, should have the same name as Package name declared in apkg.rc