Failed to create thumbnail /CacheVolume/transcodingcache My Book World edition II

Hi, i copy for the first time, my photo to the external disk WD, i regulary see the photo in pc or mac browser trough Twonky but not in  my wi-fi TV then a lot of  time of weit.

In the system i have a very long log (status_log_system.php) where appear this message for every pictures:

12/30 13:39:56  MyBookWorld syslog.err miocrawler: **** Error: creating modified thumbnail- path /shares/Public/Shared Pictures/2011/07:2flug:2f2011/IMG_5196.JPG, table 0, type 7
 12/30 13:39:56  MyBookWorld syslog.err miocrawler: *** failed to create thumbnail /CacheVolume/transcodingcache/BC83F46E9E2574098EDC44E82FA22260.44BCE464.jpg, source /shares/Public/Shared Pictures/2011/07:2flug:2f2011/IMG_5196.JPG

Thanks for any help

Dude, for the TV to see the file over DLNA then both the server (Twonky) and the client (The TV) need to support it… Do you have that problem with a specific extension or picture size? That’s the first thing to check.

Hi, sometime i can see the image if i weit a time, sometime i can’t see all thumbnails. My tv is new, lost generation of Philips.

If the pictures files are little i see it regulary and fast.

But the problem is the very long log in my Book World edition II about the error to generate the thumbs for every image, and is a very very long log file, about two error for every image and i have more then 10.000 image and the external WD look like even working, i mean without stop.

I try to reset all, i try to delete all image and delete the log to create a new one and now the external HD work well, i mean don’t generate the continuosly error of the thumbs … and work great like when was new but only when is empty do this. If i try to put same photo again, begin to create the error log again, and look like working without do nothing and never stop, so i don’t understanding where is the problem and how i can use this disk without problem. Maybe i can’t drag my photo in the HD and i must use Twonky to charge the Photo?

The format what i use i .jpg, every file is about from mb 2,6 to 4 mb.

Going by older threads, that’s actually a Twonky problem that is fixed in a Twonky update… And that has to be done manually since WD doesn’t provide the update.

I buy it new 5 month ago? what i need to update, can u help me?

I went here

… but i didn’t find the Twoky update for my external HD My Book World edition II, only for browser Win or Mac.

can’t find the update …

The lost update did ins NAS Firmware
01.02.12 con MioNet Fri, 30 Dec 2011 10:55:00

The update has to be done manually using SSH, that voids the warranty…