Failed to copy startup disk to My Thunderbolt duo RAID0 disk

I cannot copy startup disk to My Thunderbolt duo RAID0 disk, using Apple Disk Utility App. Disk Utility App said: “Restore Failure, an error (32) occurred while copying. (broken pipe)” My operations were: - boot into recovery mode by pressing command-R - launch disk utility - select restore tab, select Macintosh HD (internal startup disk) as source and My Book Thunderbolt duo RAID0 disk as destination - click restore button to start copying - A few minutes later, I got the above error message. OSX: 10.8.5, WD Drive Latest version (released at 9/2013). Someone reported the same problem: Is there something wrong or workaround available ?


Have you tried contacting apple support about this case to see if the application is able to do a copy to a dual drive?