Failed to connect to DAAP Server: Connection to refused

I installed “Music Pump”  (an DAAP Client that lets you to stream and sync music from your PC or NAS to your android device)    on my android, and it worked absolutely fine. I did not use it for some time, now it says Failed to connect to DAAP Server: Connection to refused.

When I start the application it recognizes WDMyCloud as an active DAAP Server without problems - connecting is the problem though.

On my computer all works fine, I can see all shares, the dashboard works fine etc. I also rebooted WD MyCloud but problem is still there.

Any ideas - thanks in advance!

Have you tried using a static IP for the My Cloud? 


Thanks for your reply - I have not tried a static IP to be honest, it’s just I am not so comfortable with this, especially not when reading things like “My cloud is bricked after setting a static ip”.

The thing is it used to work fine the first week or so - I cannot understand what has changed (apart from the fact that I copied more tunes to MyCloud?