Failed software update

Greetings everyone,

I have a WD Live box, had it for about 1-2 years now with no issues.

I went to try to update the firmware, it downloads for about 3-4 minutes, gets to 100%, then the next screen says, “failed to download, please check network connection”.

Old version is: 1.05.04_V

New version is: 1.06.15_V

Also… this unit won’t play .ISO files from DVD that I’ve ripped.  Says it’s an unsupported file??  Plays on my other WD live unit alright… won’t play on this unit.




Download it and install it via USB instead.

Tried that…  I restarted, and just sat there for 2 hours… When I finaly had to just unpluged it, it turned the WD into a brick. 

Now, I turn it ok, I get a notice ‘no OS’ note on the screen.

Now what?


Format a CLEAN USB thumbdrive as FAT32.   Put ONLY the three firmware files on it.  

Turn on the WD.  When you get that error, plug in the thumb drive.