Failed login with existing account info

I treid to log in
I get
that email doesn’t exist in the database

try to register

I get

you already have an account but haven’t chosen a username
to contiune, log in “here”
or if you forgot your password…

but the “here” goes back to the first login page that rejects my login credentials
which I used to login into the product registration page on the main site
which means I didn’t forget my password

so I had to create this user and account with no registered products
because my already existing account with 22 registered disks
can’t log in here because it says:

“I haven’t chosen a user name”

but there’s no where I can see on the main site to choose a user name for the community forums
the only place I can see to create a user name is on the community forums registration page

every time I try and access the forums directly from one of the Main WDC pages
or support / product registration page, it says “log in”
ie when I’m already logged in on the registration page and click on

#6 WD Community

I’m taken to the log in page, which doesn’t work,
and why is my account non existent when attempting to log in
but when attempting to register,
 it says I already have an account to access the forums with?

Puzzled in the Dark?

I will have this looked into, asap.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!

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Most of the users that hang around in to the forum are apt to help.  So, if you’re looking for help, you shouldn’t have a problem being welcomed in.