Failed Hard Drive


Can somebody PLEASE help me since WD Technical Support have been NO help whatsoever. Around 2 months ago now, my Sharespace 8TB RAID 5 array entered degraded mode, I found that one of the hard drives had failed. When I put my serial number into the WD support pages, it said I was applicable for a warranty replacement.

I contacted their technical support to ask whether I need to send the whole sharespace (which means I will be without my well needed data for an extended period) or whether I can just send back the failed hard drive. Over the period of around a month, they asked me for further details about serial numbers etc which I provided.

I finally got a response back that my query had been raised to level 2 support and that someone would get back to me within a week. After 2 weeks I noticed that my query had been marked “closed” on their pages and so sent another post asking for an update. 2 weeks later and no response, it’s been closed again. Surely, this is a simple question to answer?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and any WD support reps, please take note, I was under the impression your support was supposed to be great, that’s why I choose WD in the first place (at work and home), that and the open source commitments.

Kind Regards,

Gary Lockett

Will you post regular updates to this, we all need to know.


I had the same problem that my Sharespace entered degrade mode.

First I wanted to replace the affected hdd, but I had luck and could activate it again with an external sata/USB docking station, just by formating it. Maybe you want to try this out first.

But I also informed myself about the replacement service. As far as I remember there where two possibilities. First one they send you a new hdd in advance and in a certain time you have to send the failed hdd back.

Second one you send the failed hdd first to WD and then they send a new one to you afterwards.

Main difference as far as I remember was that in the first scenario you have to add your credit card info.

I dont think they need the whole sharespace.



Hey, I have the same issue. One of my hdd failed and when I took it out and put it in my desktop the disk was healthy, meaning it must be a corrupt file system of the disk itself. How did u format the disk to put it back in again, the manual says that a disk has to be unformatted to be put it tot the shares space.

no need to send the whole SS. just get the serial number of the defective drive and call WD Tech support. They will arrange an RMA for you. Just tell them that you need the exact same drive and that you are using it for RAID.

things that you need to tell them… the SS serial and the Defective drive’s serial