Failed hard drive

We have a WD Sentinel DX4000 that appears to have a failed drive. I am not able to determine which drive it is from the display on the unit because “Loading OS Please Wait…” is on the screen even though the unit is operational. (that is a question for another post).

When I RDP to the server and look at the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application, it says “SATA disk on Controller 0, Port 4: Failed”. What hard drive is that, 1, 2, 3, or 4?

If possible, when you are RDP into the Sentinel, open the Dashboard and go to the “Monitor” option, and select the “health” tab. The information under storage will confirm which drive has failed. The number of compatible drives has been updated through software called a “Drive Enabler”.
The link for the software downloads for the Sentinel is below.

Thank you.

Also, what hard drives will work in the DX4000? Will the one in the link below work?

I just opened the Dashboard but do not have a “monitor” option. I have Home, User, Computers and Backups, Servers and Folders and Add-ins.

The first thing to do is to copy any data you want to keep to another PC

after you have done that remote to the desktop and verify that the date is correct. the date, not so much the time

then click start and type services.msc and press enter
scroll down and try to start all the western digital services

Once you run the Drive Enabler software on the Sentinel, it will accept that model drive. I just want to make sure we are dealing with the correct product. Please take a look at page 21 of the user manual and make sure we are talking about the same model Sentinel.

Also, if you could check to see what firmware version you are running on the Sentinel. The software updates for the WD side of the software is separate from the Windows updates.


Date is correct. There are no Western Digital Services under services.msc

Have you ever seen the LCD say anything different? Things just do not sound right. There should be WD services and you should have Monitor in the dashboard.

In the dashboard top right next to help there should be a down arrow. Click it then safe mode settings. Is the wd monitor disabled?

There should also be a hidden folder c:\wd

Yes, the LCD used to have the IP Address displayed.

If you click start and type winver does it show 2008R2 essentials?
There is a WD LCD service that must be started for the LCD to change


I ran the Drive Enabler Software tool on the Sentinel and received the message “Config file not found!”

You hadn’t answered my last questions regarding the software version on the Sentinel. The firmware may need to be updated prior to running the drive enabler. Did you follow the directions for the software? is has to be run from the Sentinel itself.

if you look at the link @Timothy_G sent you will notice you should also have an iscsi tab. perhaps you need to scroll to the right?

also as a rule the intel raid config software is not installed where you can click and see what you see.

Click start. right click computer> properties Does it say WD?

Here is a picture of my properties page.

All I can say is make sure you have a backup of anything you want to keep