Failed Backup

I’m trying to use the supplied backup in the PR4100. I think it might be called Rsync. Whilst I’ve had no problems previously, for about 2 weeks, it’s now telling me that the backup failed and to check system settings. No other clue! Which system settings should I check? Where can I find the log files to see if I can see any further details?

Backup was from NAS to USB.

Is the USB still mounted to the NAS and view able as a Share in the My Cloud Dashboard?
Is it USB drive full??

USB Drive is mounted and viewable in the dashboard. Its a WD 8Tb my book with only 2.7Tb used.

Edit: Another backup, of Public share/folder, completes OK. The backup that fails is of 2 shares/folders and one seems to complete OK. Its the second that seems to fail. Both backups are “synchronise”. It is quite possible that the public and first user share had no changes to backup.

OK. After extensive process of elimination I think I’ve found the problem. Within the backup source were two files that failed to copy to the backup target. According to Windows 10 they had the hidden attribute which I don’t think caused the problem. However the file names were 1. “_ORR4J~F.pdf” and 2. “…%5Cresources%5Cpdf%5CForms%5CADDITIONAL%20PENSION.pdf”. Both of these files would have been created in the source directory by copying from a window 10 machine using tera copy.

Having deleted both these files from the source the backup now goes to completion. If there’s anyone from WD reading this forum maybe they would like to pass this along to the developers for analysis.