Failed 4tb mycloud (out of warranty)

my 26 month MyCloud drive failed.
is there a way to reformat the drive(cannot be accessed via the dashboard).
I removed the drive and tried to manually format it (under win10) but it cannot be initialized.
I’m trying to salvage the drive…
any ideas?

Do a subforum search for “unbrick”, there are numerous past discussions with a variety of ways to unbrick/reformat the My Cloud hard drive. Note because the My Cloud drive uses Linux, it is often best to use a Linux Live CD/boot CD and NOT Windows to perform the unbrick procedure on the drive when it has been removed from the My Cloud enclosure. Windows doesn’t have the necessary drivers to read/write to Linux drive format used by the My Cloud. One can try using third party Linux drivers for Windows but its often just easier to use a Linux boot CD.

Fox_exe’s unbricking steps, make sure to choose the correct My Cloud unit/firmware version:


Try Linux Ubuntu:

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You would have destroyed any data on it if you formatted it in Windows; it’s a multi-partition linux drive, with the user data partition being ext4 file system format.

The fact that the drive failed to even initialise suggests it’s dead.

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If it’s unable to even try and format it from your Windows PC , then the physical drive is broken and unusable.

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