Fail to see video files on ps3 or blue ray from MY BOOK LIVE?


I’m trying to stream mpg and mp4 files from a MY BOOK LIVE to my TV(s)  through either a PS3 or a blue ray player.  I can see the “shared video” folder and the one I created under it, however there are no video files?  I know they are there because I can see them from my MAC via finder.  The video files are good because I can play them from my MAC or on the PS3 or blue ray via a usb thumb drive.

Both the PS3 and blue ray player are DLNA compliant.

Thank you in advance,

Jim L.

Make sure the actual files and codecs are supported by your device. Just because it is DLNA does not mean it supports everything. Look at the specs carefully for the Blu ray player to see exactly what formats and codecs it supports.


Hi Tony,

I verified the blue ray player and PS3 could play the video files by putting them on a usb flash drive and plugging it into each device.  Through the devices menu I could navigate to the usb flash drive and then select and play the video files with no problems.

thank you,

Jim L.

That doesn’t mean anything.   There’s quite a few devices (SONY, in particular) that can play a set of files via USB but cannot play them via DLNA.   There’s several threads about that around here…


Actually it does mean something.  As you stated “There’s quite a few devices (SONY, in particular) that can play a set of files via USB but cannot play them via DLNA”.  Not sure why you think that is obvious to everyone? If there is a technical explanation, I’d like to hear it.

Regarding the other threads.  “WDtony” provided had a good link to a sony bdp-370 blue ray player technical specs:

The only thing that is supported through DLNA on this device is (MPEG2 SD).  I’m guessing the “SD” means standard definition.  Needless to say that I’m disappointed and have a WTF email into sony.

As for the PS3, changing the case of the mp4 extension to MP4 fixed my problem.

Jim L.

Unfortunately DLNA certification does not mean you have to support all formats… that would make our life easier :slight_smile: