Fail and or Bigger Hard Drive Question

Hello i am a new Live HUb Owner and a happy one so far, but i have a question is it possible to chage the Hard drive in case the drive fails or need a bigger one? what about the Make does it have to be WD Hard drive? and if the drive fails or a bigger one is replaces do i need some sort of ‘‘OS’’ to install?

Hi Anthony.

This review indicate that the HD can be replaced.

Cheer.  :)

thanx for the Link but i dont see any thing that says you can change the HD, I want to know if its possible to put a different Brand of HD and if the OS is loded on the HD it self.

The info is on this site.

The pictures in his link show you the drive, its pretty straight forward as far as I know. But the word on the street is it has to be a scorpio. The OS is not held on the HD.

But I think the reason nobody is rushing about changing hard drives, is external drives are cheaper, bigger and you dont void your warranty. Plus copying stuff onto the internal 1TB drive takes a lifetime, only a madman would want a 2TB internal. :slight_smile:

The Hub already has the largest drive available in it.

It’s a 2.5" “laptop” drive, not a 3.5" “desktop” drive.

So, there’s no way to “upgrade” it right now.

Ok thanx guys I guess my questions have been answered, by the way the only reason I want to if u can change the drive is because after the warranty expires and if the drive dies I want to know that I can all ways replace it with other one with out having to send it for repair. And putting my own drive like a Segate instead of the WD drive lol thanx guys