Factory restore without wiping the data

I have seen a few posts on here from people who have been advised to do a factory restore but are reluctant to do so because they do not want to wipe their data or would find it difficult to back-up their data anywhere else, saying that the MBL is their backup device.

I do not feel competant enough to advise these people but but I had a need to foolow the guide posted by nfodiz here


The guide contains instructions to do a factory restore without wiping any data from a command type prompt using PuTTY after ssh has been enabled in the MBL

/usr/local/sbin/factoryRestore.sh noreformat

Now am I right in thinking that this set of commands will ALWAYS do a factory restore without wiping data?

If this is correct it seems we ought to have a further option in the dashboard to do do just this. it should not be too difficult to implement should it?

jac1955 wrote:
Now am I right in thinking that this set of commands will ALWAYS do a factory restore without wiping data?


The only difference is that “noreformat” does not repartition or format the disks.  

But most or all of the configuration files are reset back to defaults, so it will still appear that your data is GONE – but it is actually still on the disk.  It’s just not accessible to the user because there are no shares created or whatever.

The PUBLIC share (part of the defaults) will be recreated, so that data “should” remain safe.

nfodiz’s guide is very explicit about this – and has the steps necessary to make the data accessible once again.

OK Thanks for that TonyPh12345. I had not created any shares I had merely put data in the public folder and that had been preserved OK after the fix without having to do anything.

Ach.  You’re right; good point!

Public is one of the default shares, so it will be preserved.  I edited my prior post to reflect your point.

Because you can still get your data back by renaming shares and then changing back to the original name or re-creating shares it still seems a better option than a definite wipe of all data with a full factory restore from the dashboard or am i still missing something.