Factory restore without able to get to device web page?

Okay, I asked a couple of days ago about internal error 500, no reply yet.  Basically my book live duo will let me read and write to it from the computer section of my PC because the network is mapped.  But I have tried getting to my duo’s UI or device web page for almost 3 days, no luck.  So I have backed up all my data on to another nas, and want to know.  Is there a way to do a factory restore without accessing the duo’s UI?  Or do I have to create a RMA, or call tech support where hardly anyone speaks english?  Thanks.

Hi, try connecting the MBLD directly to the computer Ethernet port and press the reset button on the back for 4 seconds, then follow the link below for the steps to access the dashboard with WDlink.


So an internet connection is not needed for this process?  I ask because if I connect the duo directly to the computers ethernet port, then I have to disconnect the modem?  Is this correct?