Factory restore - stuck at 96%?

I  have read and understood that a Full Factory Restore is slow and “…could take several hours for the process to complete” according to the manual, and i’ve seen here on the forum that it can take 24+ hrs.

I have started a Full Factroy Restore 30 hrs ago and it has been at 96% for the past 12hrs.
It may be that this is normal, maybe because of number of files i had on the drive etc., but I am serióusly afraid that something is wrong.

In the dashboard I can see the process is running (the “spokes” on the wheel are “turning”).

I have the option to “swithch to quick” but i’d rather not change anything so close to the finish line.

Am I correct that a Full Factory Restore is a hands off process, once it has started, i.e. i dont have to do anything until 100% is reached?

Did I screw something up because I opened up dashboard before the process was finished ? After i started the process I closed dashboard and only opened it uo this morning when it reached 96% and since then it hasn’t moved…

30 hours sounds right based on my experience with the 4TB MyCloud. I would let it continue for the time being. If it goes beyond the 40hours marks, let’s say, you might have an issue with the process.

Thanks Etupes.

The process has now been going on for 44 hrs and for the past 26 hrs it has been on 96%. The funny thing is than when i looked at the MyCloud this morning …it was asleep!? The blue led was pulsating and I thought: “Finally it has finished”, but when i opened up dashboard it said 96%.
So i assumed that something was wrong and clicked on the “Switch to quick”. The device rebooted and now seems to be working again…

Just an update in case anyone else experiences this:

Yesterday i started a new “Full Factroy Restore” because the first one didn’t finnish properly. The new attempt went with no problems and was finnished in less than 18 hrs (actually it’s more close to 12-13 hrs, but i went to sleep amd this morning it was done).

So to sum up:

The “Full Factory Restore” takes a long time, depending on the amount of data you have on it, so expect it to take 24hrs+ (for a 3TB unit).
However, if the process stops or gets stuck at some point (i.e. spends moret han, say, 12 hrs on the same spot), you can click on the “Switch to quick” button, wait for the device to reeboot and then do a “Full Factory Restore” again.

Just a quick question. I purchsed this a few days ago. I installed the firmware update and believe it overtook my router’s main IP. Meaning, I tried to go to my router’s main IP and I am brought to the MyCloud dashboard. I had aso enabled UPnP, beforehand. Now the question. I am at 90 percent of a factory restore in the attempt to restore the main router IP back to normal as a MyCloud fFW update should not overtake a router IP (just my opinion). Will the factory restore achieve returning the router IP back to normal or would it be advisable to reinstall the router?

Thank you.

Sorry HawkeWynde, i can’t help you there. I am sure that someone more knowledgeable than me will help you out.