Factory Restore Option missing on 2nd time around

I’m doing some testing of my DS6100 before I put it into production. Specifically the area I’m testing is the recovery of the system from total boot drive failure.  I’ve used the WD Factory Restore procedure as highlighted in the manual ONCE so far and currently have the system at the base factory level - ie the bit where you enter your servername etc.  BEfore I proceed however I want to verify if I can do another factory restore for my testing however the option is not present on the 2nd time through.  Is this a bug?  What is the process for recovery should both drives fail without a backup?

Hello Wayne :slight_smile:

Are you sure that restore is missing?  You did the shutdown from the running OS holding shiftl and shutdown?  I have not been able to get the factory restore option booting from Server Media.

I have done a factory reset, but I think after that I restored from backup, so I am not sure if it was missing. 

I am having a hard time understanding why you would want a factory reset for a production box vs restore from backup?  I really think we need to educate the masses on the need for a backup of this box.  The system drive in particular.  It is easy enough to hang a USB drive on it for this.  Now granted, it will take a lot more education for terabytes of backup(s)

AFAIK:  If both drives dies and you do not have a backup, you will need to get a preloaded drive from WD.

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Hey Gramps,

The factory restore is definitely missing - the option is not there.  I can post a pic of what is there if you like.

I tend to agree with you that once setup there might not need to do a factory reset - I just noticed it missing as I was aiming to write some documentation around it - first time I went through I failed to grab the screenshots - so second time though I’m wanting to screen grab it but can’t :frowning:

I agree that backups are the way to go, but what about scenarios where some “fool client” has deployed one of these incorrectly and we need to redeploy it - how do we go about it then?


Well see in your some fool client scenario, you do have a working box.  Just click the power charm, hold down, shift, click restart and continue while holding shift and the startup options page will  load, then troubleshoot, and factory reset.

http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/UM/ENG/4779-705105.pdf  page 68

I would do thhe screenshots for you, but my box does not have a working ilo/ipme whatever   LOL

Thats my point Gramps - the WD Factory Restore option is NOT there… Will get a screenshot shortly.

You are correct.  If you do a factory restore and cancel the essentials setup it is not there.

If you complete the essentials setup and reboot it IS there.

I think that is acceptable.

Thanks Gramps - I had not completed the setup on this system as yet as I wanted to be sure it was there before I start.  I can now move on with my testing :slight_smile: