Factory Recovery does not complete for WD Sentinel DX4000

I am trying to restore my WD Sentinel DX4000 to factory default so that I can change the name. I created the iso drive, downloaded the image file and mounted it. I ran setup.exe and selected ‘Perform a recovery’. I createdthe bootable USB flash drive and then powered off the WD Sentinel and plugged in the USB. I restarted the WD Sentinel in recovery mode and it went through it process until it got to RECOVERY STARTED. All is well up to here.

The instruction says for me to go back to my PC and click Next, and the system will search for the WD Sentinel in my network. The search comes back with “The server was not found”. The PC and the WD Sentinel are in the same network. I could see it before I started the Factory Recovery. Can somebody help me, please?

WD Sentinel Error.png

Do you have a working DHCP server on the same subnet as the PC you are doing this from? And/or some 3rd party firewall on the desktop that might be blocking it?

I have a DHCP server on the same network and the PC that I am working from gets its IP from that DHCP server. The WD Sentinel and the PC are also on the same switch.

Can you look at your dhcp server and see if it got an ip?  How about the firewall?

also did you compare the md5 hash of your download?

I checked my DHCP and I noticed that it has an IP assigned to a “minint-xxxxx”, which I suspect is the IP it assigned to the WD Sentinel. When I ping that IP address, it fails. 

That sounds like it.  I am not sure that the reecovery enviromentt reesponds to pings.  As I said, be sure and check that you have a good download with a md5 hash checker


If the download is good, reboot erything and try again

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I download another copy to a different computer in the same network and I checked the md5 and it is fine. So I started the factory reset all over on this computer and this time it went through. It is formating the drives right now and I expect that it might take more than a day for the 12TB.

WOO HOO :slight_smile:

Thanks for updating us on your progress !