Factory default reset by mistake

I did a Factory Default reset of my device by mistake. I wanted to reset juste the configuration files, but now my drive is completely empty.

I lost all my files!!

I hadn’t properly read all the details: “Restoring the device to the Factory Default will destroy all data on the device, including all configuration setup, all shares, and all user data and media files. After the restore is complete, the device configuration will be identical to its state at purchase. To use the device, the initial setup will have to be performed again.”

Now, Is there any way i can recuperate my files?? I mean, the files existed on two disks that were mirrored. I can’T imagine that all my files photos and videos have been destroyed completely forever and deleted!!

Tks for helping a veray anxious user.

Model: WDH2NC20000N


This is a very unfortunate situation, and it would be best to contact a professional data recovery service company. Since the unit itself is still operational I’d recommend safely powering down the unit and avoid further use until an analysis is performed.

This is the answer I got from WD support:

I’m sorry to hear what happened to your drive Alexandre, and unfortunately if the data was completely erased, the only way to get it back will be to perform Data Recovery on the device to retrieve the information. Western Digital unfortunately doesn’t offer that service, but we have partners that can assist you with this. If you follow this link you will be redirected to the list of our Data Recovery partners.


You can call any of them so they can help you.

You also have the option to try and use any Data Recovery software on your computer by downloading it from the internet. There are hundreds of Data Recovery programs and I advise you to pick the best by customer reviews. You can also take the drive to a local store or a technician that knows and provides that service so they can help you with it.

Before I spend a lot of money on Pro Data Recovery Services, I think I would like to try to recover the files by myself using a Data Recovery software (DRS). I have downloaded Wondershare Data Recovery (http://www.wondershare.net/data-recovery-mac/?icn=nav), but I have to remove the drives from the NAS since it’s a Network Drive NAS and Wondershare did not recognized the drive on the Network.

Do you have other Data Recovery Softwares to recommend? Is there one that would be able to recover the data while the drive is plugged in the network through my router?

A friend of mine lend me his SATA to USB 3 docking station (http://www.amazon.ca/ORICO-6518US3-SuperSpeed-External-Lay-flat/dp/B00CBPB4PM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1453866338&sr=8-4&keywords=sata+to+usb+3+orico) so I could plug the drive by USB in my MacBook Pro, but I get this message when I plug the USB cable in my computer while the drive is inserted in the docking station:

“The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” with 3 options: 1) Initialize… 2) Ignore 3) Eject

When I click on Initialize, the disk utility opens up and I see my drive appear in the list of drives with what seems to be partitions of different sizes with no names.

Any clue how I can read this drive and try to recover the data? Is there a security setting or configuration I need to set in order for my computer to be able to read the drive through the USB docking station?

Tks for any help I can get!