hi,have a wd tv live hub running latest firmware (3.01.19). i cannot see any of my photos or friends photos it just keeps telling me “browser error.Content not available”,also can’t seem to click on notifications to reply either,or poke friends!.had the same problem with last firmware to…any help…thanks.Neil.

I do not use my Hub for facebook, however you may try resetting it by holding its reset button for 4 seconds. You can also try rolling back to a previous firmware.

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hi,thanks for the reply.bought the unit in january,it didn’t work on the firmware then either.not to bothered,but just wish would work.like yourself use lappie for fb mostly.

I saw another post on this that mentioned the photos wont display if you have HTTPS enabled in your facebook security. Supposedly in the other post, once https was turned off the photos displayed correctly on the SMP.