Facebook not displaying Photos or playing videos

I can see the photos and videos folders but when I click to see them, it gives me an error and says content not available.

Is it just me?

Do not know, but in my experience that message usually means one of two things.   One - the video or picture format is not one of the ones that WD can handle and two- whenever there is an interuption in the stream (can’t see the server) etc, you get that message.

well, facebook format shouldn’t be a problem (if it is then there’s no point in having Facebook as a service), photo certainly have no reason to be an unrecognised format.

And there was no interruption.

So basically it simply does not work.

Mine is the same. I’m sure it’s bugged or Facebook changed something. Time to file a big report.

Same here - can see the photo/video folders but they show no thumbnails and trying to load one up returns a content browser error.