Facebook Login (FW 1.04.10_V)


I have problems with my facebook login. I use my emailadress an my password - and I use the RIGHT data. But I get the message my Username or email are invalid. I´ve tried to use my Username with password, but it´s the same.

Do you have similar problems?? thx

I’ve tried it once and it worked for me.

Well, thanks for telling us your password!   :smileyvery-happy:

The WD is known for not allowing certain characters in certain places.    My suggestion is that you change your FB password to something that is JUST alphanumeric and see if that works.

(Plus, you probably want to change it anyway since you just give a big clue what it is right now…)

Thx 4 your help.

I will try.

My Password is SAVED…


Success!! Alphanumeric password works!! Thx a lot!

I would still count that as a Bug in the Hub…   I would suggest you report it to WD via a Tech Support email.

I tried to login to facebook several times and always got - Network is unaccessible where as accuweather worked. Then I did - Check network connection and succeeded.

I am also facing the same problem. Facebook worked fine for first two days but now every time I try to login, the message apperas to check network connection. (Internet connection is OK and I tried two different login both failed). Plz help…

WD TV Live connected to Sony Bravia LCD via HDMI 1.3c cable and wireless internet.

I’d have to guess, that since at some times people can get in fine, with absolutely no issues, and at other times they get errored out, that the WDTV has a short time that it will wait for a response before it times out, and if the Facebook servers are too slow to respond (because of network traffic) then the WDTV throws its hands in the air and gives up.

So, until WD extends the length of time the the WDTV will wait before it times out, pretty much all you can do is either keep trying, or try again later.

there is one more problem related to the facebook login. WD added additional view mode - facebook submit. I mean there are thumbnail, preview and facebook view modes at least for videos. If one choose the facebook submit mode then it asks for user name and password. If something goes wrong and it cannot connect to the facebook there is no way back from the virtual keyboard page. The only way out is to press menu and go back to the very beginning.